Auto Repair in Orem, UT

Are automotive troubles keeping your vehicle from functioning properly of efficiently? Rick’s Muffler and Auto Repair is here to deliver the auto repairs in Orem, UT that you need to feel comfortable and safe while driving your vehicle.

As a full-service automotive and engine repair provider, we take pride in offering an abundant number of car repair services to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, including:


Brake repair and replacement:

Part of regular maintenance requirements for any vehicle, brakes are essential to remaining safe on the roads. When you notice that your brakes have become worn or you don’t have the stopping power that you once did, come to us for thorough brake repair and replacements. We’ll flush your lines, replace your brake pads and shoes and ensure that you’re able to stop on a dime.


Oil changes and auto tune-ups:

Whether you’re just peaking 50,000 miles or are well on your way over 200,000, we’ll be here to ensure that your engine remains healthy with proper oil changes. Our techs will flush your system, change the oil, check your fluids and perform all of the necessary peripheral services you expect when getting comprehensive auto tune-ups.


Exhaust repair and services:

Problem with your exhaust system? Need muffler repair or replacement? We specialize in exhaust repair and maintenance and can help ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust system is able to do its job in all facets. We’re certain that after we’re done servicing your vehicle, you’ll pass any emissions test with ease and have confidence in your vehicle’s carbon footprint.


Electrical diagnostics:

Having trouble with your starter? Battery issues got you down? We’ll get to the bottom of any electrical system malfunction your vehicle is experiencing by assessing it through an electrical diagnostic. When we fine the true source of the issue, we’ll help eliminate it for good.

Are you in need of auto repair services not listed above? Contact us today at 801-225-5404 to inquire about our full list of car repair options—chances are, we’re equipped to help you regain confidence in your vehicle by resolving whatever issue is plaguing it, including engine repairs!