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karman carlisle December 28, 2018
"As someone who knows nothing about cars it can be very intimidating to go to the mechanic, however I had a great experience with Rick’s Muffler. Their customer service was excellent, they took the time to sit down and patiently explain the issue, the method to fix it, and kindly answered all of my questions. So nice!! They were fair priced and got my car running smoothly again!"
Christopher Sobarzo December 16, 2018
"Great service."
Jeremy Keller December 7, 2018
"Great customer service, quick and efficient"
Ian Whiting December 7, 2018
"Quick, honest and good quality work. what more can you ask for."
Hollowleg Jake December 7, 2018
"Fair, kind, efficient, and excellent work. Go here :) I've been taking my 2004 Acura TL here ever since I bought it two years ago. Engine mounts, power steering, cracked control rod, these guys do it all and are very good at what they do. Started coming here because a family friend worked here, kept coming here because they're amazing."
Jeremy Keller November 25, 2018
"Great customer service, quick and efficient"