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Brett Groneman January 30, 2014
"First of all, I don’t know cars, but I’m impressed with them so far. I took my car in for safety/emissions testing yesterday. The exhaust system failed, and I asked them for a recommendation to fix it. He told me to go to “Rick’s Muffler” because he’s taken his cars here before for muffler work and “They only wanted $400 when the guys across the street wanted $800 for the same thing.” I took his recommendation because frankly I don’t have any other recommendations. I’m actually sitting in the lobby right now. I asked them how much it would cost to fix it; they said “Let me lift it up and tell you – it might just be a piece of pipe, or it might be the whole muffler.” A few minutes later they came back and said “Yeah, it’s just a piece of pipe rusted through. Your muffler is fine.” Impressed. They easily could have said that I needed a whole new muffler and charged me for it. Instead, he’s saying it will be about a $60 fix to cut out the old pipe and replace it with a new one. Update: The final bill was $58.77. I’ll happily recommend them to anyone in the future."
Fernando Hua February 12, 2013
"Great Car Service place ,especially for novice like me.I know nothing about cars and need someone who I can trust and rely on like Ricks Muffler"
Phil Bennett February 7, 2013
"Best muffler shop in the valley. Refered by subaru for catalyic system work. Top notch!"
Phyllis Gosin February 4, 2013
"Having gone over a large rock in road, my muffler got damaged. I went to Rick's with muffler dragging and a hole in it.It was beyond repair,but Rick's put a new one on which allowed me to get back on the road safely.Quick service fairly priced."
Randy Porter January 29, 2013
"I am a mechanic and do most of my own work mainly because I trust very few in the industry. I had never had any experience with mufflers and asked around and was referred to Rick's. For the last 6 years, Rick's is the only place I go for any kind of muffler work. He is not always the cheapest up front, (you could save a few bucks possibly with someone else) but over time his work has proven to save me money because of the quality. In other words, it lasts. In all my dealings with Rick's I have found him to be honest, quick, and the quality very high. I will say it again to make sure I am clear, I will not go anywhere else."
N. Shore October 25, 2010
"European Only recommended I go to them, they got me in and out of the shop quickly and gave me a great price. Just like the ad says call these guys first."