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Adam Beuchert July 20, 2020
"Just had Jesse do a muffler delete with tips, seriously was a pleasure. Fast, quality, and well priced. Lifetime customer earned."
Dale Howard July 20, 2020
"I've known Rick since he was a manager at a muffler shop in Provo and have always found him to be true to his word. Here is a very honest, skilled, and talented man who is always willing to help. He comes most highly recommended by me!"
MpireGraffiti May 19, 2020
"Whether you need work done on your hot rod, muddin’ truck, or daily driver, Rick’s is the place to take it. Also, top notch custom exhausts are their specialty. Go to Rick’s; you’ll be happy you did. "
Cory Wennerholm May 19, 2020
"This place is awesome! i recently had my A/C fixed as well as new tie-rods and struts in the front. my driver door hadn't opened from the inside from the inside (i had to roll my window down and reach my hand outside to open my door) they also fixed that for me and DIDN'T EVEN CHARGE ME. this place is awesome! Matt is super helpful and this place is extremely honest. "
Robert Sorrells May 19, 2020
"These guys are the best there is. Been doing business with them for a long time. "
Estuardo March 23, 2020
"I've been a customer for about 3 or 4 years, very pleased with their service. If you are looking for quality customer service and most of all HONEST mechanics? This is the right place. "