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Samuel Davenport August 10, 2018
"Rick's Muffler helped me replace both front ball joints, and my gas tank. They only asked for about half of what every other place requested ($$$) in order to fix up my newly bought vehicle. I appreciate how they treated me as I went through this unfortunate but necessary process. They were hardworking, truthful in their answers to my questions, and concerned about me. Thank you so much for all your hard work you guys, I hope you see lots of success!"
Megan Story August 6, 2018
"My family has a friend who works here, so we've been going here for several years for their work on our vehicles. I just bought a used car and it needed a new Catalytic Converter which they replaced, no hassle, and were very polite. They even charged me a decent amount for the work they had to do on it, which was so sweet and awesome! It's a really good place to go for a quick check-up to find out what's wrong with your vehicle when you hear something strange or feel your car doing something weird. Two-thumbs up, definitely."
Robert Larson August 6, 2018
"I called Rick's Muffler about an issue I had while driving from CA to UT. They quoted me $40 to do a diagnostic on the exhaust system. When I got there they put my car on the rack and spent a good 30 mins poking around the catalytic converters. They diagnosed that I had burned up my catalytic converter due to an engine issue. They cut it out and brought me into the shop to show me what the cat looked like. Then they welded a pipe on to replace the burned out cat after I decided that it was not worth fixing the 18 year old car. When I went in to pay for the diagnostic and the welding they told me "no charge". I couldn't believe it. They had spent 1/2 hour working on the car and had put materials into the car. I pressed that I should pay for the diagnostic but they were firm in their "no charge" assessment. This is what a business looks like that cares deeply about customer satisfaction. I wish that all businesses worked this way. I would give them 10 stars if I could. I can tell you one thing. Whenever I have an exhaust issue they are my go-to shop. I only wish they also did engine work too!"
Jacob Beckstead August 6, 2018
"Quick service, best price in town with a family shop feel."
Amanda Hunsaker August 6, 2018
"These guys are awesome! I needed to have a catalytic converter installed so I called them and they squeezed me in for the next day even though they were already booked up. Everyone I talked to was really friendly and super nice. They told me exactly how it is and didn't try to squeeze money out of me. I will definitely be back for any car repairs."
Chris Durling August 6, 2018
"Quick work, quality job and for a very competitive price."